The end of 2017: A year in review


A year seems like such a long time when we’re in the midst of it, and yet, suddenly I find we’re at the end of another. I made a “year in review” post last year, and I thought I’d keep the tradition going this time around too. This idea was inspired by my friend’s blog post, which you can find here.

The purpose here is to reflect on my year and emphasize to myself how much (or little) I accomplished in a year, and force myself not to obsess over my failings (a breathtakingly easy feat for me, hah), but to think of the milestones I’ve hit this year.

Of all that I’ve accomplished this year, I am most proud of, and would like to highlight:

  • Graduated with a PhD in Biomedical Science from the University of Pittsburgh, department of Cellular and Molecular Pathology! Finally 🙂
  • Published a first-author paper in Stem Cell Translational Medicine
  • Got my first real, big-girl job!
  • Began going to the gym every day and taking physical fitness and health seriously
  • Posted a new music video for my original track, The Nexus Awakens
  • Entered into Pitch Wars, and even though I didn’t get a mentor, I found SIX amazing, beautiful and inspiring critique partners that I am so incredibly grateful for
  • Attended In Your Write Mind, a small writing conference at Seton Hill, Pennsylvania, where I met agents, editors, and new friends (and for which I still have to write a blog post…)
  • Created my own website, which serves as a landing page for everything I’m creating
  • Edited the ever-loving crap out of the first book of my trilogy, finished the second,  and began writing the third
  • Began a new writing project, this time an urban fantasy
  • Queried, and was subsequently rejected by, literary agents
    • (And yes, being rejected by agents belongs on this list. For better or worse, this is a giant step to take for any writer, and now I can say I’ve joined the droves of authors each trying to find a home for their word-babies.)
  • Brought home my little feathered friend, Kiwi
Here she is, all poofed and relaxed and hhngg I love her ❤


And now, looking ahead…

As for 2018, I hope to continue creating content and hitting more milestones with my creative works. I’d like to outline a few goals here:

  • Finish book 3 of my trilogy
  • Upload at least 1 music video
  • Get back into recording music (it’s been a slow year for music composition…)
  • Begin a new thread of blog posts about the science in sci-fi
  • Gear up enough content for MAGFest 2019!

If you are so inclined, I’d like to invite you to share at least one (or several) moments that made 2017 great for you. I’d love to hear them.





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