The end of 2016: A year in review

So...2016 is coming to an end (and for some of us, already has). It's been a rough year, for a lot of people, for a lot of reasons. We all know what's made the year difficult for us. It seems like horrible news has been plastered everywhere, at all times. Since we all remember what's... Continue Reading →


Bit of a break from the music posts for...*drumrolls* First recipe post! Pancakes! I'm not a master chef or anything, I can't make drawings or designs out of pancakes, but I think the ones I do make taste pretty bitchin'. And that's the most important to me, is the taste. Chocolate chips make everything better... Continue Reading →

Love the music you play

As you might know from my very first introductory post, I am both a scientist and a musician. I bring up both these points because that's how this story starts--in the lab, talking about music. Specifically, talking to our lab tech about her daughter's piano practice. This may be an odd thing to say, but... Continue Reading →


Hello there! Welcome to my little corner of WordPress. A little bit about me: I'm a scientist by training, but all my hobbies revolve around creativity. Specifically, music composition (epic orchestral and electric violin) and creative writing (Sci-fi rules!) I also like to think I'm a decent cook. So, this blog will feature some of... Continue Reading →

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